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На 47 га нашей территории есть немало извилистых тропинок и красивых дорожек, которые стоит исследовать на двух колесах.
Возьмите велосипед напрокат на рецепции курорта и прокатитесь по сосновым рощам, цветущим садам и живописным дорожкам, наслаждаясь тишиной и исследуя самые секретные уголки курорта. На территории Forte Village движение автомобилей запрещено, поэтому вас никто не побеспокоит. Подойдет это средство передвижения и для маленьких любителей приключений, ведь курорт огорожен со всех сторон.

Cycling in and out of Forte Village:

In its relaxing and green atmosphere, Forte Village offers the possibility to ride on rental bicycles along its cycle paths inside the resort. Peace and security reign everywhere. Thanks to the complete absence of cars, children can pedal freely too and invent new routes every day, without ever leaving the resort. For them, introductory lessons on two wheels and advanced courses to improve skills on specific terrains.

For adults and dynamic cyclists, Forte Village offers a series of bicycle excursions along the most fascinating roads and paths of Southern Sardinia and its wonderful coast, with the possibility of being guided by experts in every discipline. Here are the most popular experiences.

  • Teulada and the coast (RACING BIKE): ring route of 56 km and 700 meters of total climb, central sector of the well-known Ironman 70.3 Sardinia
  • Cliffs between green and blue (MTB-eMTB): the ancient Roman Road with its breathtaking views and Capo Spartivento, the Southernmost point of the island
  • The Forest of Pula (MTB-eMTB): a labyrinth of trails immersed in the Gutturu Mannu Regional Park, the largest holm oak forest in Europe, to reach the most scenic peaks in a few kilometers
  • History and culture (CITY-eCity): pleasant ride through the countryside of Santa Margherita to reach the center of Pula and the ancient Roman ruins of Nora


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