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At the Forte Village we offer a complete range of sports activities and not just football, golf, basketball and tennis. You can also take part in our Zumba, Total Body Workout and Aquagym classes.

Zumba is a group fitness class that combines the rhythms and movements of Afro-Caribbean music with traditional aerobic moves. Our Zumba classes take place every morning from 23rd June to 5th September in the sports area. Water fitness addicts, be sure not to miss our Zumba Pool Party!

Every day from 5.30pm throughout July and August you can also take part in our Total Body Workout classes, a training session aimed at working the entire body and toning the shoulder, arm, abdomen, buttock and leg muscles.

If you’d rather get active in the water than the gym, jump into our Aquagym lessons at the Oasis pool! There will be daily sessions at 11am and 4pm throughout July and August.

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Aquagym Sport Resort Sardinia
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