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High Performances Method

HPM is a unique set of tools and  professionals that will deliver the results you need when it comes to athletic performance and overall well-being. Our experience of over a decade collaborating with elite athletes and illustrious clubs and sports federations such as AC Milan, FISI, Ferrari, Leeds United and more, has enabled us to patent a unique software that is at the very core of our Assessment Lab. This exclusive technology synergistically coordinates all equipment used for our screening and subsequently provides the most accurate and reliable results for stabilometric, postural and biomechanic evaluations. This information is compiled in a complete profile for the individual that we use as a starting point for therapeutic training sessions. All progress made is closely monitored and thoroughly quantified by our software. This ultimately ensures concrete results that could not be achieved by ill-targeted exercise (generic gym training) or without supported scientific data. The accuracy of the data derived from our software allows us to intervene with a clear and reliable perspective and to transform the progress achieved in an indisputable numerical reality.

Hpm Talent Garden
Several tests in which the main qualities of training are evaluated: basic coordination skills, management of imbalances, quality of perception, quality of movement. Aimed at all young people who want to discover their talent and those who have not yet chosen the best sports path to take.
Duration: 25 minutes

Hpm Functional Evaluation
Path of awareness and knowledge of your own state of shape, physiology and potential attitudes, through an analysis of the functions of the body: flexibility, reactivity, stability, functionality of the core and column.
This evaluation can be useful for rehabilitation, sports or simply for prevention or maintenance purposes.
Duration: 50 minutes

Hpm Biomechanical Evaluation
Unique evaluation suitable for athlete of each level and who wants to undertake a recovery path towards physical activity. Evaluation of all the tests of mobility and efficiency of the musculoskeletal system: posture, strength, reactivity, mobility, sensory stimuli management.
Duration: 80 minutes



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