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The ultimate in privacy, a new luxurious ‘Private SPA’, located within the Acquaforte Spa, can now be reserved for exclusive use by a family and friends. Spend the day in a private garden with 3 thalasso pools and convenient access to all of the specialist Acquaforte SPA treatments such as Forte Lab medical assessment services, the gym and other facilities.

Private Thalasso Pool Circuit

POOL 1: Sea oil at 37°-38°

The combination of magnesium salt with high temperature water has a vasodilatory effect that increases metabolic exchanges by osmosis thereby aiding the draining and detox effect.


POOL 2: Seawater whirlpool at 35-36°

A high temperature, pure sea water pool features whirlpools that stimulate microcirculation from the soles of the feet to the abdominal muscles and the back.


Pool 3: High saline density at 36-37°C

This sodium-rich pool increases the osmosis between sea water and the body, stimulating the elimination of toxins and aiding muscle relaxation. This pool is ideal for a water massage.


Private Services & Facilities

  • Private area of 300m²
  • separate entrance and changing rooms for maximum privacy
  • Changing rooms, male and female
  • private thalasso circuit with 3 pools (outlines above)
  • a private treatment room for up to two people
  • private sauna, hammam and 2 emotional showers
  • solarium, relaxation and lounge area
  • freshly prepared healthy meals available upon request


Spa treatments, meals and drinks are charged separately