19 Sep 2016

A thousand footlights illuminate the evenings at Forte Arena


Take a unique sea, in one of the most beautiful places in the world – in southern Sardinia, add unpolluted countryside and quality hospitality – exceptional food, well-being centres, sport for all tastes and activities for children, mix in evening shows and entertainment worthy of Broadway and … perhaps it’s only at this point that you can really imagine what the Forte Village Resort offers.

Every summer, the stage of the new Forte Arena is filled by light and sound for talents like Anastasia, Bocelli, Fiorello and Renzo Arbore. This exceptional location can host every type of event – shows, concerts, operas, ballets and also large promotional events and speeches. Open and easy to reach by the public, including people not staying in the prize-winning 5-star resort, the Forte Arena extends over an area of 13,000 square metres and has been created fully respecting the environment through the principles of green-building. Based on the archetype of the Greek amphitheatre, with some nods at the ancient native Sardinian tradition, the oval shape of the Arena extends under the stars of Sardinia taking up a large area of Mediterranean maquis between the mountains and the sea. It has a very large area of 800 m2 for the stage, fully equipped with the best audio and lighting technology systems, which can hold up to 5,000 spectators, all comfortably seated.

In other words, the new Forte Arena is the perfect place to make the dream of a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ (total work of art) come true, just as Wagner imagined.