02 Aug 2016



Such a powerful, deep voice able to take in emotion, warmth and melody in a single overpowering whirlwind… music.

The white singer with a black voice

Small but so big.

Call her music by the term SPROCK because it’s a perfect mix between pop rock and soul.

One more clue?

The Forte Village had the great privilege of hosting her on 24 July!

The magical setting of the event was the new “natural amphitheatre” of the Forte Arena, an open-air stage, built in the most complete respect for the ideals of bio-building and the environment.

Lorenzo Giannuzzi, Managing Director and General Manager of the Forte Village Resort and the new Forte Arena said: “We’re enthusiastic and proud about the Forte Arena. This project is part of a strategy whose primary objective is to make Sardinia an accessible destination all the year round!

If you still haven’t worked out who it is, you’re not cut out to do puzzle magazines under the beach umbrella.

Calling her by name you feel you’re recalling her lyrics. ANASTACIA means “Resurrection” and there isn’t a word, note or chord that she doesn’t transform into life or new life.

We Italians can only love her, because she loves us. She loves Italy in all its facets and, as good hosts, we’re proud of that.

With the song “I’m Outta Love”, she expressed her appreciation for Pino Daniele, Giorgia and Laura Pausini. And what about her famous duet with Eros Ramazzotti? Do you remember that?

ANASTACIA is a woman as strong as her voice, which is why we like to describe her in her own words:

The tattoo on my back is of two wings, now there are two scars on each Wing, which is the reason for the song title Broken Wings. My advice to all women is never give up, because life’s a heavy rotation but then you get over everything… and to be honest the scars make me all the more beautiful”.                                                        

Every day her voice tells her story, her passion and her life. Her voice tells the truth… the fortune of having listened to it is yours.