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27 Jul 2016

Carlo Cracco, from Master Chef to the Forte Village for some awe-inspiring cooking classes!

Chef Gourmet

Who doesn’t tremble with fear when we see him on television, about to taste a competitor’s latest creation? Of course we’re glad not to be in the shoes of the aspiring chef, but all of us, at least once, have thought how interesting it might be if we could pick up a few secrets from such an excellent master chef.

This is why, after the big success in 2014, Carlo Cracco will be back for all of August, in response to great demand, at the Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula in Sardinia.

But don’t be afraid! Carlo Cracco, Michelin-starred chef and charismatic judge, much feared by all the competitors in the culinary talent shows, is certainly not as bad as he makes out. And the guests of Forte know this well, if they’ve already had the incredible opportunity to take part in his exclusive cooking classes and gourmet evenings.

And so, for once, setting aside the robes of a severe, impartial referee, Carlo Cracco will be keeping  his promise to entertain Forte Village’s select clientele by producing recipes representative of Italian and international tradition. Some will be simple recipes that the inventiveness and skill of a great chef will transform into something highly sophisticated and unique; other times apparently very difficult dishes will turn out to be easily prepared but very impressive dishes thanks to the incredible touches of great professionalism.

The lessons of the Cooking Academy will be held in the kitchen of the Forte Gourmet restaurant and, as in the best schools of cuisine, all participants will have their own personal position to experiment and put themselves to the test in all tranquillity.

Because as every chef knows well, cooking is not only entertainment, but is also certainly an art, sometimes an art of conquest and seduction. So imagine how exciting it can be to cook together with one of the greatest protagonists in the world of cuisine and learn some secrets directly from him… and if we then talk of seduction… who better than Cracco?