30 Dec 2016

Extravagant ideas for a successful party


New Year’s Eve arrives and, as usual, we’re faced with the same dilemma: how do we see in the New Year in style? The answer is obvious: with an unforgettable party!

So, you’ll really have to use your imagination if you want to give your guests a night they’ll be talking about for years. And what better place to look for inspiration than some of the parties that have made history.

In pole position we have ‘The Great Gatsby Party’. Obviously, the ideal location is a luxurious villa, even better if it’s surrounded by an extensive park. Of course, the dress-code for the evening is 1930s; the catering requires rivers of champagne, and some burlesque-style entertainment should top things off quite nicely.

Do you like Toga parties? Okay, that’s great. But let’s drop John Belushi and go for something more Satyricon instead. Dress in perfect Trimalchio-style, ditch the tables and chairs and replace them with chaise lounges and cushions. Oh, and if you want it to be like a real Roman banquet, then the meal must consist of at least 12 lavish courses. And, don’t forget, in this case, the presentation of the dishes is everything! Introduce the starters with a dance, the first course with a song… Basically, do everything in your powers to intoxicate your dining companions.

Alternatively, you could pay homage to Truman Capote with a ‘Black and White Ball’. The very first, which was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York, in November 1966, hosted a good 500 guests, who also all just happened to be some of the biggest celebrity names of the times. However, the rule here is that everyone must be in masquerade. And remember, flowers are an absolute no-no on this occasion.

If you fancy something a bit more alternative, a good idea would be to hold a very conventional dinner party in a bizarre and unusual setting, like an old tram that will take you on a trip around the city, for example. Or, if you like, as occurred in 1975 with ‘The Tommy’s Party’, a good location could be an old underground station.

So, if you’d like to relive the splendour of the Great Gatsby – even in summer; a Roman-style banquet; the exclusivity of Truman Capote and you don’t mind a dash of eccentricity, then you’ll find your perfect party at Forte Village Resort, in Santa Margherita di Pula. An enchanting location, loved by many international names from the world of sport and entertainment, where you can enjoy exclusive shows and where multi-starred cuisine is our speciality… The ideal place for getting 2017 off to an amazing start!