24 Oct 2016

Forte Village, over 45 years of success


It’s difficult to talk of 45 years and more of absolute success without risking to sound self-congratulatory, but we should not omit to say that the Forte Village Resort, with its constant striving for perfection, has been the true pioneer and point of reference for luxury resort accommodation worldwide.

The history of the Forte Village began in 1970 when Lord Charles Forte, a legend in the international world of hôtellerie, created a holiday club catering for young lovers of sport.
In the 1980s and ‘90s the facility was enhanced with the development of the Baia delle Palme swimming pool, the Villa del Parco and Pineta Hotels and particularly with the innovative spa facility and thalassotherapy centre, unique in the sector with its six pools with a different saline density and temperature.

A fundamental stage in the passage from a simple holiday village to a luxury resort came in 1995 with the appointment of Lorenzo Giannuzzi who, as General Manager, began a constant and unceasing process of improvement which is still in progress today.

The Hotel Le Dune five-star bungalows were created, those of Hotel Villa del Parco were renovated and a true oasis of luxury was created on the fourth floor of the Hotel Castello.

All these efforts were rewarded in 1998 when, for the first time, the Forte Village became part of the international hotel élite, receiving the World’s Leading Resort award “for its extraordinary attention to the needs and desires of its guests”, an award that it holds still today, extending its unchallenged supremacy year after year.

This recognition was just a spur to do better and there was a buzz of new activity with the opening of the new hotel, Le Palme, plus the four Cala del Forte suites and with the creation of Leisureland with a go-kart track and bowling alley.

The arrival of the new millennium saw new openings and in particular new recognition: the Villa del Parco and Le Dune hotels and their restaurants, the Belvedere and Le Dune, received the Five Star Diamond award.

But the improvements were not only structural: high fashion arrived in the boutiques of the in Piazza Maria Luigia and also an ice-skating rink was inaugurated, an absolute novelty for a seaside location.

Forte Village focused its attention on families and children, winning the prize for the best “Luxury Family Resort” with “Children’s Wonderland”, an open area where children can play in total safety and tranquillity. The children’s experience was further enriched in 2014 by the Barbie™ Experience, with activities and creative workshops for girls, and with Mario’s Village, a miniature village unique in the world.

We certainly must not forget the sporting vocation, the Chelsea Football Academy and other Sport Academies were inaugurated; today there are more than ten, where guests can practise the sports they most love, trained by real international champions.

But how could we overlook the haute cuisine? In 2009 Gordon Ramsay opened his first Italian restaurant, precisely at the Forte Village; in 2013, under the guidance of Antonello Arrus, the Belvedere restaurant was awarded a Michelin star; in 2014 the chef Carlo Cracco brought the programme Hell’s Kitchen to the Sardinian coast and today the Michelin-starred Alfons Schubeck presents his innovative Spice for Life cuisine.

When the Resort celebrated the launching of the “Everything & More” concept in 2015, it was not of course a point of arrival but a new challenge towards constant, continuous improvement… so who knows what will be in progress when Forte Village celebrates its all-important 50th anniversary?

We’ll wait and see.