23 Feb 2015

Forte Village, the realm of Thalassotherapy

Spa & Wellness

The curative qualities of the sea, sun and sand have always been known to men, but only some have understood them and developed them.

This is the case with the Forte Village Resort. Thanks to studies by Dr. Angelo Cerina, Director of the clinical unit and laboratory of the Talasso Terapia experimental centre at the University of Milan, the resort has created a modern thalassotherapy facility that offers exclusive treatments and cures for a complete recovery of well-being.

Thalassotherapy, in Greek, means “sea cure”, but as Angelo Cerina, former holder of the chair of Medical Bioclimatology at the university of Milan, explains, it is more the combined activity of a number of elements such as water, salt, iodine and sun.

“It’s no accident that we have set up our Thalassotherapy Centre in this area of Sardinia”, explains Cerina. “This was the site of an ancient Nuragic settlement used for the creation of thermal baths”.

Credit for giving scientific importance to thalassotherapy is due to Sardinians, Punics, Phoenicians and Romans in ancient times and to the British and French in the 18th century, but the merit of improving the results goes to Dr. Cerina’s modern school.

“The British were distrustful of immersion therapies”, says Angelo Cerina, “because they thought only a small part of the external substances would filter through the skin. To overcome this limit, the French thought of increasing the temperature of the water and prolonging immersion. We, however, have solved the problem by working on the salinity and increasing the osmotic process. We start from the virgin water of our sea and transform it through different evaporation phases to create waters with various degrees of salinity”.

Exclusive to Forte village are also the “Olio di Mare” (“sea oil”) baths, which are pools of water with a high content of magnesium chloride, given this name because of their amber colour.

“The relaxing effect is greater in these baths”, continues Cerina. “Floating is perfect and the particular action of the magnesium stimulates the production of endorphins. The post-immersion feeling of lethargy is replaced by euphoric well-being, such as you feel after a session in the gym, after dancing or, why not, after making love”.

Immersion in the “Olio di Mare” baths is particularly recommended for post trauma rehabilitation; the natural floating helps the joints to recover elasticity and movement. Women can benefit greatly also in the post-natal phase and in menopause. But if the adults are the first to feel the advantages of this amber-coloured essence, children benefit too and immersion helps them to regain calm and sleep, as if they had returned to their mother’s womb.

The Centro Talassoterapico di Forte Village, Acquaforte Spa  – Thaermae Marine, is a unique sensory experience, but is suitable for everyone, an exclusive journey to rediscover well-being and health, an obligatory stopping-off point for all those who “care for themselves”.