28 Oct 2014

Hell’s cook in paradise

Chef Gourmet

In August Carlo Cracco, the infernal cook of Hell’s Kitchen, the inflexible arbiter of MasterChef, multi-star chef and multi-dad, will be arriving in the exclusive Forte Village Resort at Santa Margherita di Pula.

Just a few hours after the birth of his fourth child, Cesare, we asked him the secret of his success. “I don’t know if there’s a secret, but if there is one I’m going to hang onto it!”, he answers with a smile. “At work and in life it’s a bit like being in the kitchen of a restaurant, where as many as eighteen people can be working together. To carry out your plans, you need to have a close-knit team and believe in what you’re doing. Work isn’t just economic opportunity but personal growth.”

Everyone knows Cracco for his severity. Is he like that in everyday life too? “I’m much worse, because here it’s reality”, he replies. “I’m not severe, I’m just serious!”

At Forte Village, Carlo Cracco will be running some exclusive cooking classes for the guests. Can he give us a preview? “I want the participants to enjoy themselves and be able to repeat what they’ve tried out when they go back home. I want to show how you can interpret a recipe. I want to offer dishes that are good to see, fresh and noteworthy, but also real.”

Has Cracco found any exceptional pupils in his career to date? “The first one I’d mention is Luca Sacchi, who’s become my right-hand man. And I can say that Matteo Grandi, the new chief executive of hell’s Kitchen, is very determined and capable.”

Everyone has wondered at least once in life… what does a super chef eat if he’s alone at home for an evening? “He doesn’t eat! It’s sad to eat alone. At the most you can drink a coffee”.

August at the Forte Village will be a relaxing occasion for our super chef too. “It’ll be a real pleasure to drive go-karts and play tennis. I follow all sports a bit and certainly football always gets more attention, although things haven’t been going well for either the National team or Milan”.

Tourism, culture and food… does Cracco agree that these are essential factors for re-launching the national economy? “They’re the three things that you can’t move! And we can start to get moving by investing in these three areas. Of course if this were enough by itself, we’d already be in the saddle… but we haven’t even reached the stable yet”.

But after all these questions it remains to be unveiled which is the sex appeal ingredient of Cracco, the female public’s best-loved cook. “To eat well?”, he answers ironically. And then, after a moment, he says with his usual seriousness, “A great love, my love for Rosa! Love improves you and maintains your appeal”.