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Sweet dreams are made of this

To ensure that all guests get a really great night’s sleep and are fully rested and ready for another day of fun and relaxation, Forte Village has been working with the world’s leading designer of luxury beds

One thing that you hear visitors to Forte Village often talking about is how well they sleep. With exercise, fresh air, healthy food and a mind that has unwound from the stresses and strains of daily life, it’s hardly surprising that people feel so rested and refreshed during their time at the resort.

But there’s one other ingredient in this recipe for a really good night’s sleep, and that’s a really good bed.

This year Forte Village has partnered with Dorelan, one of the world’s leading luxury bed makers and supplier to some of the most celebrated hotel chains in the world. Working closely together, these two experts in their respective fields have created a bed that is not only supremely comfortable but can be customised so that it specifically meets the needs of the person sleeping in it.

‘Sweet Dreams’ consists of a range of luxury mattresses and mattress supports designed by Dorelan exclusively for Forte Village.

Thanks to Dorelan’s innovative system of springs and supports, the special materials used and ergonomic styling, you’ll find that every part of your body is perfectly supported and beautifully cosseted. The Myform Memory version moulds itself to your particular shape and helps ensure that whenever your partner moves or turns you won’t be disturbed. “We’ve spent many hours, not only talking to the Dorelan experts, but also testing and bouncing on their beds in order to create this really special, comfortable place for our guests to get the best night’s sleep ever,” says Matteo Piredda, Rooms Division Manager at Forte Village.

“We’re very proud to say that the only place you’ll be able to experience the Dorelan Sweet Dreams bed is at Forte Village.” Dorelan has been creating some of the most luxurious, innovative and above all comfortable beds in the world for nearly half a century. The company works with leading hotels and resorts to adopt a ‘360 degrees’ approach to the comfort of guests while they’re in bed.

The high quality of the Dorelan system, which includes beds, mattresses, spring systems, pillows and accessories, means that a hotel room can be transformed into an oasis of wellness, a place for good health and relaxation, thanks to its innovative technologies, cutting-edge design and high degree of customisation.

With this new partnership, Forte Village are able to offer guests an even more luxurious stay at the resort.

In search of
the best night’s sleep

"We’re very proud to say that the only place that you’ll be able to experience the Dorelan Sweet Dreams bed is Forte Village"
Founded in 1968 in the town of Forli, just east of Florence, by Pietro Paolo Bergamaschi and Diana Turo, Dorelan specialises in the production of mattresses, bed bases, pillows and accessories for the hotel and domestic markets.

The company’s facilities cover 35,000 square metres and its new 32,000 square metre site is completely powered by solar panels and features state-of-the-art energy saving technology, in keeping with Dorelan’s policy of respecting the environment.
For five years, from 2002 to 2006, Dorelan won awards in Europe’s 500, the European organisation and networking platform for growth companies and their entrepreneurs. The company has enjoyed revenue growth of at least 50 percent.

With over 150 employees, it has research partnerships with institutions such as the University of Bologna. The company, which is constantly investing in Research and Development, also has its own independently assessed laboratories. Its products are available in around 60 outlets in Italy and through stores and suppliers in 25 countries around the world. Dorelan is responsible for every aspect of bed manufacture from frames through mattress to pillows and accessories. This, the company believes, provides alignment and correlation between all the elements of the bed, ensuring a really good night’s sleep.