13 Feb 2017

No flowers, just a couple’s emotions for St. Valentine 2017


Are you thinking that 50 shades of grey are better than a thousand pink love-hearts?

Then say “that’s enough!” to the umpteenth box of chocolates, say no to the usual bunch of flowers and for St. Valentine give yourselves a holiday at Santa Margherita di Pula’s Forte Village resort where your love will be crowned by cuddles, relaxation and entertainment.

Try to imagine yourselves together in a true earthly paradise: the crystal-clear sea and the silver sand will be the seal on every promise of love between you, while the skilful, precious cures of the Acquaforte Thalasso Spa will know how to accompany you in the right mood to live your passion to the best.

Think of the joy and amazement that you’ll see in your soulmate’s eyes as he or she discovers that this summer you’ll be spending days of love together in the luxurious, exclusive villas of the Forte Village and you can talk about your dreams as you sip excellent wines and taste dishes by the world’s best chefs in the resort’s exclusive restaurants.

To spend the days in harmony you’ll be spoilt for choice: sailing in the blue of the Mediterranean, allowing yourselves moments of seduction and champagne, or, why not, trying the thrill of underwater diving? At the Forte Village you’ll have the chance to swim hand in hand among red sea-fan coral and giant groupers or explore submerged caves and ancient wrecks.

Not too fond of water sports? Are you thinking how marvellous it would be to give yourselves a holiday this summer playing golf surrounded by nature? Just a few kilometres from the Forte Village is the Is Molas Golf Club, which is considered not only one of the most technical golf courses in the Mediterranean, but also one of the most beautiful.

Then, if you’re a truly sporting couple, Forte Village is the right place to grapple with the triathlon. The greatest experts in the world have defined this location as one of the best for a crystal-clear sea and undulating routes sheer above the sea, excellent for running and cycling.

And if, on second thoughts, you don’t really care for sports at all, what else is there to say?… let yourselves be transported by the scent of the wild myrtle, let yourself be lulled by the waves and abandon yourselves to the extreme luxury that only the Forte Village can offer.