26 Aug 2016

Santa Margherita di Pula at the top of the league for the most beautiful beaches in the world

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The beach at Santa Margherita di Pula is one of those rare places that have the magical power to make you feel you’re in heaven: white sand, crystal-clear sea and, all round, carried by a breath of wind, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub.

These are just some of the reasons why the American magazine Forbes has put the stretch of coastline from Pula to Capo Spartivento among the 25 most beautiful beaches in the world.

This well-known publication has drawn up a classification taking into account not only the natural beauty but also the services and accommodation offered to tourists.

On the other hand some very famous beaches, such as Sydney’s Bondi and the Waikiki beach at Honolulu, Hawaii, have been demoted because they are judged to be too noisy and crowded, as they have not managed to keep in step with other beaches, which may be less-well known but are undoubtedly more exclusive and tranquil.

Because, there’s no hiding it, to enjoy the beauty of nature to the full you still need to feel at ease with the surrounding environment.

And the unique exclusive setting is precisely that something, that has brought this marvellous beach in Sardinia near the top of every classification.

The credit for knowing how to maintain and safeguard the area’s incredible harmony of landscape goes to the Forte Village Resort, the splendid 5-start structure which stands hidden between the green of the woodland and the blue of the sea.

Forte Village Resort offers the opportunity to stay in highly elegant villas, completely immersed among the foliage, just a few steps from the beach on this unique bit of coastline.

This sea is certainly unrivalled also within Sardinia, not only for its shallow, transparent waters but also for its particular microclimate that makes it almost two degrees warmer than other stretches of coastline.

And precisely thanks to its very special natural location the waters of this sea bring benefits that have led to the creation, precisely within the Forte Village Resort, of one of the best-known thalassotherapy facilities in the world.

The beach at Santa Margherita di Pula, lying at the foot of the hills, sheltered from wind and noise, is certainly the perfect setting to recover your equilibrium and well-being, to live in harmony with nature, surrounded by exclusive comfort and natural beauty.