28 Oct 2014

Skin Deep

Spa & Wellness

What services will you be offering at Forte Village?

Anyone coming to Forte Village is very lucky to enjoy this special piece of paradise: beautiful beaches, excellent service, great food and – especially – because they can access the Terme del Forte, where we offer the highest quality treatments for any skin concern. Thanks to the help of my colleague Dr Cerina and his staff, we will be able to treat any skin type. We achieve great results on aged skin, against acne, redness and irritation, cellulite, stretch marks and any other skin imperfection.

What advice would you give to people who want to get a tan but want to minimise the aging effect it has on their skin?

If you want a beautiful tan but to prevent aging skin too, I suggest you to use our Age-proof Suncare products that protect from UV rays and damage including wrinkles, age spots and skin diseases. Of course, once back at home I recommend a bronzer, like the Hybrids Absolute Bronzing Boost Broad Spectrum, which gives you the deepest tan in minutes, whilst protecting from sun damage, and you can remove it easily whenever you wish.

What should people do before, during and after they sunbathe?

My advice is that before, during and after people should eat colourful raw fruit and vegetables. These are naturally rich in water to rehydrate you but also antioxidants and anti- inflammatories to minimise damage from the sun. Of course, you need to apply sunscreens prior to sun exposure and, any time you begin to feel the heat during sunbathing, Water Resistant Broad Spectrum Sunscreen is the perfect solution because it prevents damage and resists water for a lasting defence. Do not forget sunglasses to protect your eyes.

What in particular should people with paler/fairer skin do?

Fair skinned people are very sensitive to the sun and should do all of the above, plus wear Ultraviolet Protection Factor clothing to screen the rest of the body from the sun. They should also reapply sunscreens liberally and often, at least every hour.

More generally, what new anti-ageing treatments are you offering? What new scientific discoveries do they use?

People should understand that the skin is connected to all parts of the body so you can look after everything through better skincare. This doesn’t just mean sunscreens but also better plant-based nutrition and, most of all, better stress management. There is no better place to do all of this than at the Forte Village Spa. In my research centre we are doing lots of studies to encourage a more youthful you, mostly by studying stress to understand how we can reduce daily levels. I have developed what I call ‘insights’ and these are included in my book Creating a Healthy Life.