In 2011 Forte Village also won the “The World’s Leading Green Resort” award at the “World Travel Awards”. This award is in recognition of our approach to environmental issues and our plans to preserve, protect and enhance our surroundings. For a long time now we have adopted management systems that are based on respect for the environment and sustainable development, pre-empting an awareness that has only surfaced in recent years.

We have always believed that respect for the environment goes hand in hand with respect for people and the wellbeing of our guests. This is why, for example, we only use bikes and electric vehicles are the only means of transport inside the resort. In the ’70s we installed a pioneering rainwater collection system and subsequently installed a plant to recycle water. And this is also why we recycle as much as 70% of our waste. Furthermore, our expert gardeners are putting the finishing touches to a project that is not only a mark of our desire to promote environmental sustainability, but that will also add a rustic flavour to our resort: an orchard and a vegetable garden for growing organic fruit and vegetables.

And of course we mustn’t forget our park: 47 hectares of green space with more than 15,000 trees, 2 million plants and countless bushes and flowers that combine the spectacular Mediterranean scrub with the exotic charm of plant life from far-off lands.
The tops of the pine trees touch the sky, the fragrance of eucalyptus wafts through the air, the contrasting shades of the olive trees and the tropical plants add colour to the landscape, not to mention the majestic palm trees, the svelte and strong bamboo plants, the lively hibiscus, the elegantly composed yucca, and the spartan aloe vera. Enjoy the coolness, the bounty and the purity of this lush, discreet nature where the intense flavour of peace and freedom lie in store for you. It’s a wonderful setting to take a stroll in, a lively and welcoming backdrop for your relaxing moments – a totally harmonious different world.



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