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Vacation in Italy

Traveling to Italy is always a delightful pleasure. In addition to its Renaissance palaces and charming cities, vacations in Italy provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the most esteemed cuisine in the world.


“Going back in time” is something you can do in Pompeii, a wonderful experience that the best tours in Italy can give you and definitely a must-see spot for your next family vacation in Italy.


Other ideas for an Italian vacation include visiting Capri, a holiday destination chosen by the ancient Romans. It still welcomes many visitors proving that no one can resist its beauty. If you decide to visit Capri, remember to hop on a boat to enter the famous Grotta Azzurra.


You can also visit Calabria, a region said to have some of the best beaches in the country. The coasts are decorated with cities on cliff edges, churches perched on islets and fishing boats waiting to take visitors out to sea. Turquoise waters and gorgeous white sand on some beaches, golden on others, and some even reddish.


If you are looking to spend some quality family time on the Italian coasts, you can stay at one of the beautiful Italian beach resorts, the Forte Village Resort in Sardinia, which has all the facilities to ensure a unique experience at one of the top seaside resorts in Italy.