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Dr. Joanna Hakimova


Graduated in Biology, PhD in human physiology, researcher at Moscow Academy of Sciences, she is one of the most expert and famous facialists worldwide, specialized in organic esthetics and natural treatments. She has created several methods of face and body manual sculpture, registered with an exclusive trademark. In 2006 she was honored as a scientific researcher with the Premio Internazionale Vivisalute, established by the city of Milan.


€ 300 Original method, consolidated and internationally known from long time. This particular procedure consists of a face sculpture technique combined with the use of professional NaturalBioLifting products. The purpose of the treatments is to activate a biological rejuvenation process at the cellular level, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. The results are visible already from the first treatment and in most cases it is possible to recover the appearance lost over the years without resorting to invasive methods.


€ 200 – € 240 Dr. Joanna Hakimova Method, well known and described by many newspapers in the Italian and international press. Body Sculptor allows to sculpt the silhouette, improve the quality of the skin and activate the skin metabolism. The core of the treatment is represented by a set of manual techniques that stimulate the peripheral circulation of blood and lymp. These techniques dissolve stagnation in the adipose tissue, and encourage the nutrition of the muscles and skin.


€ 200 The YUMEIHO therapeutic method was founded in 1975 in Japan by the master Masayuki. Internationally recognized from long time, it consist in about a hundred manipulations, biodynamic methods of musculoskeletal system correction and acupressure, performed on the whole body. It is a therapy which, by intervening on specific points, manages a restoration of the natural balance and guarantees a good state of greeting of the organism.



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