Ristorante Sardo

Sardinia boasts one of the most varied and flavourful gastronomic cultures of Italy, a real melting pot of varied histories and cultures. At Ristorante Sardo you can taste local pasta dishes, meats, vegetables and local cheeses, desserts and wines from the region.

Experience the best Sardinian cuisine

Sardinian dishes include delicious extravagant products: from pecorino cheese to the famous Sardinian Fiore cow cheese, the spiny artichoke, saffron, bottarga and superb wines. In the bakeries, you will find many delicacies: from the coccoi to the civraxu, through to the pan’e gherda and the carasau. Then there is the pasta: dry, like the frègula and the malloreddus and famous Sardinian gnocchi or fresh, like culurgiònes, filindeu and lorighittas.

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