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Do you love being in water? Are you like a fish in the ocean? Or are you diving in for the first time? Whatever your level of expertise and water skills, our expert swimming instructors will follow you every step of the way with the utmost professionalism and using the latest technology, not to mention tips from the training techniques of the champions to improve your style and performance.

The swimming course lasts one week and is offered to a maximum of 2-3 students, or in individual lessons.  To make the most of the course, the lessons are divided by level of expertise:

The 1st level is devoted to getting used to being in water, floating, breathing and elementary propulsion to get good balance and to feel naturally independent in the pool.

The 2nd level involves perfecting the backstroke, freestyle, dolphin crawl and breaststroke through coordination exercises.

The 3rd level continues with perfecting the four main strokes, the start and the turn.


Dates: From 25/06 to 07/09

Location: Baia delle Palme Pool

Times: from Monday to Friday

11.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.

Private lessons on request

Ages: children from 6 to 16 years old

Train with the greats

The teachers of the Swimming Academy at Forte Village are all professional instructors with an important competitive career behind them.

Martina Moravcova

Martina is a medley, butterfly and freestyle swimmer from Slovakia. She was one of the greatest sport personalities in Slovakia and for many years, one of the best female swimmer in the world.  She is a five time Olympic swimmer and won two silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sidney


5-day course: €350 (including kit)

5-day course: €280 (excluding kit)

1 private lesson lasting 30 minutes:  €60



When you enrol, you’ll be given the magnificent Swimming Academy Kit, consisting of cap, goggles and t-shirt for after training.



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