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Sardinia is an extraordinary island, a land filled with secrets to uncover and views that will leave you breathless, where your eyes are lost between the crystalline sea, pristine white sand and rolling dunes covered in Mediterranean shrubbery. A kind and warm welcome, a bouquet of perfumes and colors that remain etched in your memory to make your holiday unforgettable: Sardinia is an island rich in history and beauty for you to unveil.

  • Galleries and museums
  • Archaeological site Su Naruxi di Barumini
  • Local artists, fantastic craftwork in metal and glass

Nora and the park of Pula


The city of Nora was the first Phoenician city of Sardinia, soon becoming the commercial hub and port. From this thriving city remain the magnificent ruins of the Archaeological Park of Pula, which can be easily reached from Forte Village.
Inside the archaeological site, you can admire the ancient baths, the Piazza del Foro, colonial temples, the necropolis and the splendid amphitheater.

The exploration continues under water: you can admire Roman roads and remains in the depths of the isthmus, at Punta del Coltellazzo, overlooked by a 16th century tower.

To enrich your journey

Other interesting Archeological sites in the area


Sardinia‘s roots are tied to ancient cultures such as the Nuragic civilization, whose vestiges are still found across the island’s landscape. The most famous archaeological site is Su Naruxi di Barumini, a defense structure from the Bronze Age and a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.


St Efisio
A Window of Tradition

The celebration in honour of St Efisio takes place in Cagliari on 1 May and consists of a procession that has distant origins. It is one of the most ancient religious celebrations in Italy and the most engaging one in all of Sardinia. Taking part in this festival is like entering the heart of a tradition that has lasted more than three centuries.

The procession commences in the Cagliari district of Stampace, where the simulacrum of St Efisio is transported through the streets of the city followed by all the faithful. The procession ends in Pula, where the statue remains for 4 days before returning to Cagliari.

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