Forte Village / Sustainability


At Forte Village, we prioritise environmental preservation and sustainable practices. Our philosophy revolves around living in harmony with nature, supporting the local economy and culture, and maximizing economic and social benefits. We continually strive for a better quality of life while safeguarding the future. To ensure sustainable development, we have implemented various initiatives to reduce our environmental impact.
Forte Village resort has been certified by Global Sustainable Tourism Council, one of the most authoritative certifications in the world of travel.


Forte Village spans over a 50-hectare park and boasts an extensive array of plant species. The resort takes great pride in its dedication to conservation and safeguarding the environment. A diligent team of gardeners collaborates with local authorities throughout the year to protect the natural surroundings, benefiting the entire community.

The resort employs an integrated and biologically-based system to control pests and diseases in the green areas.

Animal welfare is of utmost importance at Forte Village. The resort collaborates with a veterinarian to certify the well-being of its non-native fauna residing within the park.

The Kids Club at Forte Village offers dedicated programs aimed at educating the younger generation about the significance of adopting a sustainable environmental approach.



We are dedicated to continuously decreasing the amount of waste we produce and have implemented the following measures:

  • We ensure that all waste is properly separated and recycled across our food and operational departments. Additionally, we have placed dedicated recycling containers throughout the Resort for plastic and paper recycling.
  • Correct disposal of special waste: We adhere to proper disposal methods for handling special waste.
  • Use of recycled and biocompatible materials: Whenever possible, we utilize materials that are either recycled or biocompatible. This includes glass bottles, biodegradable straws, and FSC certified paper, which guarantees the responsible sourcing of paper products from environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable forests.
  • Organic waste composting: Currently, our organic waste is sent to an external composting plant where it is recycled into compost and soil improver for enriching and protecting the soil. However, we are actively working on implementing a food waste collection system that will convert it into compost for our 50-hectare garden in the near future.
Energy saving

The 800sqm congress center and Hotel Castello are fully powered by a photovoltaic system. The actual energy production varies throughout the year, and since its activation in October 2022, we have generated 23 Mw/h. The hotels Borgo, Palme, and Bougainville hotels utilize solar panels to generate hot water.

To promote energy efficiency, lighting in the gardens, grounds, and internal public areas is controlled by timing mechanisms and features LED lighting.

To minimize environmental impact, cars are prohibited within the resort. Instead, guests are transported by battery-powered golf carts, and bicycles are provided for both guests and staff. Moreover, the guest parking area is equipped with two electric car charging stations.

To conserve water and detergents, we only change sheets and towels in guest bedrooms on a daily basis upon specific request by the guest, aiming to minimize unnecessary washes.

Water consumption

At Forte Village, we prioritize water conservation. 800 cubic meters of “grey water” produced daily is purified and used to irrigate our 50 hectares of gardens. In just three days, the water saved could fill an Olympic-size pool. We also have a rainwater harvesting system with a 54 sq.m dam, storing 353,242 cubic meters of water for irrigation—equivalent to 141 Olympic-size pools. Our commitment to water conservation creates an environmentally responsible guest experience.

Carbon Footprint

In order to compensate the amount of CO2 produced with transfers from and to Cagliari airport in 2022 (estimated to 47.540 kg), Forte Village partnered with the local DMC FA Travel to plant 1000 trees by 2023. The first stage saw the plating of 200 trees on the 23 April 2023: it involved several employed from both companies who actively planted a selection of Carob, wild olive, wild pear, almond in the local area. An important initiative for future generations.

Food and beverage 

The majority of our produce is sourced locally, ensuring freshness and high quality. Additionally, we maintain an on-site vegetable garden to provide guests with a constant supply of fresh produce. We have on-site vegetable garden with a variety of produce which helps to provide guests with a constant supply of fresh produce.


Forte Village features eight 4 and 5-star hotels, over 40 suites, and 13 villas. These accommodations were constructed or restored by local architects, emphasizing the use of natural materials that reflect Sardinian tradition. For example, Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa underwent a recent renovation, with a focus on minimizing human impact by utilizing natural materials like wood, granite, travertine, and “Biancone di Orosei,” a light beige marble sourced from a local Sardinian quarry.


Sustainable education and culture

Forte Village champions sustainable education and culture with its 5-star Hotel Management Business School. It raises awareness of Sardinian culture, local festivals, and heritage on a global scale. The resort sponsors an annual triathlon that helps shed light on local towns and their rich history. In collaboration with Palazzo Doglio, they successfully fundraised for a state-of-the-art mammogram machine, benefiting the city’s Oncological Hospital and supporting its crucial role in cancer care for the entire island.

Local Economy

Our restaurants and staff canteen prioritize local food sourcing. Around 90% of our staff reside within a 50 km radius. We invest in staff selection, professional growth, and foster trust through training, evaluations, and incentives. Forte Village supports aspiring students with scholarships and a high-end hotel industry Master’s program. We partner with the Itennis Foundation, offering underprivileged children top-level tennis training.

Partnership with Ogyre: Our mission to clean the Ocean

Forte Village in partnership with Ogyre has just achieved a very special goal: the collection of 1000 kg of waste from the sea, to help preserve its extraordinary beauty which is renowned all around the world.


Quality Policy


We are committed to maintaining a high level of stakeholder satisfaction and especially of our guests, employees and partners, so we offer them an exclusive and personalized service that meets every need.
We try to establish every interaction with guests and partners with the intent of creating value, while identifying present and future needs for the success of the resort: For this reason, each of our departments is made up of high quality professionals who ensure unique and innovative services.  We guarantee professionalism, neutrality and impartiality in judgments, and reject any undue influence or interference on business activities.


As a Leading Hotel of the World we follow the highest hotel standards: we constantly monitor the quality system and activate all the necessary actions in environmental matters and sustainability in general, obtaining the relevant certifications.
Our quality management system is based on a risk-based thinking approach that allows the organization to determine the factors that could generate process deviations from the Standards, and to put in place preventive controls in order to minimize the negative effects and to better seize the opportunities offered by the market anticipating the trends.


The Management of the Forte Village Resort, also through the Internal Auditing Function, undertakes to ensure that this Policy is understood, shared, implemented and implemented by all its employees and collaborators and at the same time is committed to sharing it with all stakeholders.  The management operates at all levels with common goals and goals, striving to create the conditions for employees, collaborators and partners to be put in the best conditions to achieve the objectives set by the Quality Management System.