Forte Village


Vacation in Italy means finding pleasure in exquisite gastronomy, historic cities that are the birthplace of artistic movements and remarkable natural terrain.

Family vacations to Italy have the best of all worlds. Italian cuisine is loved by children and adults alike and the vast activities offered are appealing to travelers from all cultures. From exploring Venice on a gondola to experiencing luxury and fashion like never before in Milan. From wandering through the famous vineyards in Tuscany to kayaking along Sardinia’s marvelous beaches, there is an array of options for families.

Sardinia, an island located in the Mediterranean, is a top destination with natural scenery that attracts all types of travelers, including big and small families interested in an experience of a lifetime. Amazing colors in the sky and the sea, exotic flavors, remains of an ancient culture, Sardinia has it all. In fact, it is home to Forte Village, the best resort in the world, where peace and fun intertwine to offer its lucky visitors the time of their lives.