Boxing is a challenge, it is a life lesson, one of respect and courage.  Learn this exciting sport with our special boxing course taught by one of its greatest champions: Frank Buglioni, The current British Champion and star of the Frank Buglioni Boxing Academy at Forte Village. How about learning the sweet science, including punches and attacking techniques, defensive manoeuvres and fancy footwork with Buglioni and a host of his trusted coaches such as Don Charles, Anthony Charlton, Ian Duberry & James Duffin.  Life is like a boxing ring: wear your boxing gloves that you’ll find in our fantastic kit and start fighting.  But most importantly have fun!

The boxing courses (group or individual) are open to children and adults, and are organised at different levels, from the basics of boxing to the most effective attack and defence techniques, always fully respecting the opponent in front of you.

Train with the greats

Frank “The Wise Guy” Buglioni, one of the most famous English boxers, holds the WBA Super Middleweight title.  He began boxing at the age of fourteen and in 2010, and at twenty-one he turned professional.  In 2016, in the first round, he defeated Olegs Fedotovs and won the world Super Middleweight title.

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