Chess Academy

Forte Village is delighted to introduce the Chess Academy where guests will be able to train throughout the summer, from July to August.

Courses for All Levels: Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced player looking to hone your skills, we have the right course for you. Our programs are designed to be both fun and stimulating, with lessons ranging from basic rules to advanced strategies.

Individual and Group Lessons: We offer both one-on-one lessons for personalized attention and group sessions for sharing and learning with other enthusiasts.

Simultaneous Games with Masters: Experience the thrill of challenging a chess master in a simultaneous game! It’s a rare opportunity to test your skills and learn from the best.

Tournaments and Competitions: Participate in our weekly tournaments and test your abilities against other players. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the excitement of competition in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The Chess Academy at Forte Village is more than just a chess school; it’s a place where new passions are born, friendships are made, and unforgettable adventures are experienced. We invite all young guests to discover the charm of chess and enhance their skills in a stimulating and relaxing environment.

We look forward to a summer season full of games, learning, and fun!

For more information, contact our holiday advisors on +39 070 9218818 or

To book your Academy, contact us at +39 070 9218637