An Academy to completely immerse yourself in the world of cinema. Between filming and special techniques we will become directors, technicians and set designers to learn how to recreate the magic and illusion of film productions. Every day we will experiment with a new special technique up to the innovative 360° immersive cinema.

60 minutes are enough to become the director of a short film. Stop motion animation is a technique underlying many special effects in cinema and in the creation of videos and animated films, much appreciated by directors such as Tim Burton. So: lights, camera, action!

Light Painting means drawing with light! Thanks to a special shooting technique, the light sources become traces and brushstrokes of light and color. We will have fun transforming simple photographs into works of art where movement and light are the main ingredients.

Thanks to special cameras we will enter 360° immersive cinema. We will experience a new frontier of cinema in which the spectator with special immersive viewers will be surrounded by our creativity.

Who doesn’t want to fly or be teleported to any part of the Universe without leaving the studio? With chroma key everything is possible! All we need is a computer, a green screen and we can start filming with special effects.

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