Don’t miss the unique opportunity to challenge yourself with an exciting sport that is celebrating its Olympic premiere at the Tokyo Summer Games this year.

Together with our instructors you can learn the skills, build your con idence and train your focus in the safe environment of the Sport Academy Center.

The sport of climbing requires a high level of physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and problem-solving ability. In addition to being a way to challenge oneself physically and mentally, climbing promotes respect for the natural environment, personal safety, and community among climbers.

This discipline encompasses both recreational activity and competitive sport, and is divided into several modalities:

Outdoor Rock Climbing: Climbers use climbing techniques to ascend natural rock formations outdoors, where challenges include managing the rock, holds, and environmental conditions.

Indoor Sport Climbing: Practiced on artificial walls, such as those you can find at our Sport Academy Center. Routes are often designed with colored holds of varying difficulty levels, allowing climbers to test their strength, technique, and endurance.

Bouldering: A form of climbing on low rock formations often without the use of safety ropes. The goal is to solve challenging climbing problems that require strength, balance, and strategy.

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