If you love tennis, you no doubt know that Forte Village is a benchmark for international tennis thanks to its extraordinary Tennis Academy, with no less than 12 clay courts and one hard court, all certified by the FIT.

This is why every year the FV Tennis Academy organises its tennis school, calling on the services of Grand Slam champions and winners of Wimbledon and of the most famous tournaments in the world. Can you imagine being taught this wonderful sport by the best teachers or, if you are already a champion, learning to perfect your style and tactics?

Our tennis courses are aimed at players of all ages, both beginners and professionals, with specialist lessons on individual shots and competition techniques. The head of the Tennis Academy is Rocco Loccisano, the established Australian tennis player with Italian roots and former coach to Pat Cash.

Our younger tennis players can attend the wonderful Junior Tennis Academy Camp, where they can play and improve their technique in a fun setting.

Higher level players at Forte Village can enrol in the unmissable weekly singles, doubles, junior and senior tennis tournaments.

Besides the group courses, FV Tennis Academy also offers individual courses:

  • Individual Junior Academy
  • Individual Adult Academy
  • Train with the legends
  • Mental Match Play

Past Legends includes: Magnus Larson, Emilio Sanchez, Pat Cash, Albert Costa, Dominik Hrbaty, Thomas Enqvist


Discover Mental Match Play Tennis Training

Through this training program you will discover how easy tennis can be. The MMP coach will guide you through this unique tennis training with music.

We offer 5 themed tennis lessons at Forte Village Academy:

Lesson 1: Basic Strokes -After this lesson, you will have a clear idea of how to use the groundstrokes effectively.
Lesson 2: Volley and serve – How to score points faster! Looseness gives effortless power on your serve! With the right preparation we place the volley effectively.
Lesson 3: Safety in the game -Win with less own mistakes! First the other one makes the mistake!
Lesson 4: Stroke training – How to find my best tennis and stay focused. With confidence to win!
Lesson 5: Competition preparation -Activating and anchoring my strokes. I am ready the match!

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