Whether you are an experienced triathlete or you simply want to approach the multi discipline, at Forte Village you can do it alongside great champions of the specialty in one of the world’s most unique location. Swim in the crystal clear sea of Sardinia ride along the splendid south-western coast and run through the lush Mediterranean vegetation, the perfect setting to train for your favorite sport. Sea, undulating streets and breathtaking scenery for lovers of Triathlon. The ideal territory to approach this fast growing sport, combined with training. The presence of coaches and personal trainers throughout the opening period, provides technical support for all levels. The rest is done by nature and passion. The location offers not only the stunning Sardinian Sea but also a 25 meter salt water lane pool where athletes can reproduce the strength of the open water but with chronometric references and the advice of expert swimmers. Infinite possibilities for running, from the treadmill to breathtaking dirt trails, passing through paved roads and a running track near Pula. Last but not least athletes will take care of their bodies and minds at the Thalasso & Spa Center to get a really incomparable result. What is better than ending a training session immersed in a pool with high salt concentration water that allows the body to shorten recovery times?


When you enrol, you’ll be given the splendid Triathlon Kit.

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