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U-Club, the coolest thing about being a teen

Our U-Club is for special guys and girls. How do you join U-Club? You just need to have something extra about you, to be up for go-kart racing, for the beach or for the Zumba party in our Oasis pool. For a bowling match, for dancing the night away or for learning to DJ. And (girls only) for feeling so glamorous that the whole world will fall for you. So, are you U-Club material, or do you prefer just to tag along with Mum and Dad?


Meeting Points: there’s always something happening

Every day offers 3 chances to meet and get to know new friends. U-Club teens unite at 11 am in a superb private club at Bar Aquatica, then at 6.30 pm for drinks and snacks, and again at 10.30 pm at Forte Fortissimo disco for the U-Party, a themed party and strictly adult-free zone.


DJ Academy

Grab some headphones and let’s go. Do you feel the rhythm? That’s the amazing DJ Academy, at the heart of our Forte Fortissimo Club. Are you a beginner, or do you already know the basics? Four 90-minute sessions will get you started and polish your technique. So what’s on the “curriculum”? From mixing to “cueing up”, from rhythm & beats structure to beatmatching & blending techniques. You recognise the song on the turntable, don’t you?


Make-up Academy

Beautiful, seductive, unforgettable. We’re talking about you, the gorgeous U-Club girls. Just for you, we present the fantastic Make-up Academy by Diego della Palma, beautician to the top models and actresses. He has lined up three 1-hour sessions. We start with the perfect foundation for a complexion that enhances your look to the max. Then we focus on eyes, lips and eyebrows, before finishing up with “make-up express”, for how to look perfect in minutes. To get in the mood, take a closer look at what’s in store at our Make-up Academy.