Free state of Leisureland

There are basically only two rules: “have fun” and “don’t stop”


Leisureland is a secret, fun place, open only to people who like their
adventure exciting and their music loud. A place where young people make
the rules, on the dancefloors, in the bowling alley, on the go-kart track.

The fun and excitement never end!




Calling all young people from all over the world – welcome to your kingdom! We’ve created it just for you, in a corner of Forte Village that is far enough away from the rest of the resort to ensure that you can have as much fun as you want without disturbing the other guests.




Choose your lane, pick your favourite song on the jukebox, take your bowling bowl and knock down those pins. We look forward to seeing you in our bowling alley in July and August in the morning and from five in the afternoon to two at night, and in May, June and September in the afternoon and evening.




DJs and bands that play non-stop, with everyone dancing and having fun, it’s a great way to meet new people. At night the disco is the place to be.

Calling all young people from all over the world

Welcome to your kingdom!

Go Kart Track

Take your place on the grid, put your foot down on the accelerator and you’re off, racing along the half-kilometre track. Watch out for the bends, just one more lap and you could be celebrating first place on the podium with some champagne.

Go Kart Academy

Forte Village has partnered with karting team PGK to create a training program for young drivers wishing to progress their skills. The training programs will cover lessons in speed, race etiquette, psycho-physical training and knowledge of the main concepts of technical karting.

Your dream stay

is waiting