In the multifunctional gym of the Sport Academy Center, which is equipped with four professional pistes with the best technology, the Forte Village Fencing Academy takes place.

Wear the mask, grab the épée, the foil and the sabre and learn the challenging sports of Fencing. Our trainers and fencing stars are looking forward to teach you the best techniques and strategies of the three main disciplines of this entertaining sport.

There will be a group academy, which will be structured in five days, from Monday to Friday, and individual lessons with our coaches. The academy participants will be divided into three different groups depending on the age and will receive the official kit.

Past Legends includes: Stefano Pantano, Valentina Vezzali, Paolo Pizzo

The art of fencing embodies the refined mastery of edged weapons, such as swords and foils, within both a competitive and historical milieu. Rooted in centuries past, fencing historically served as a cornerstone of military training and personal defense. Today, it thrives in three distinct forms:

Sport Fencing (Olympic Fencing): A prestigious discipline where athletes engage in meticulously regulated combat under strict safety protocols. Variants include foil, epee, and sabre.

Historical Fencing: This discipline meticulously recreates the martial techniques of bygone eras, with practitioners dedicated to studying ancient manuals and faithfully applying traditional combat methods.

Artistic Fencing: A fusion of fencing with artistic expression and theatrical performance, blending precise movements with choreographed narratives.

Regardless of the form, fencing demands extraordinary technical prowess, agility, and strategic acumen. Beyond its physical rigor, fencing cultivates values of discipline, mutual respect, and continual personal refinement.

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