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It is the close of an amazing day spent between the beach, the Acquaforte Thalasso Spa, one of our sports facilities, an excursion, and dinner at one of our magnificent restaurants. But the day doesn’t end here: at the Forte Village it’s time to party!

Most of our guests head straight for Piazza Luisa, the venue for our shows and a vibrant place for conversation and sharing the day’s memorable events with other guests. The open-air stage has seen many Italian and international performers over the years, including Boney M, Matt Bianco, Billy Preston, i Gipsy Kings, Zucchero, Kid Creole & the Coconuts, Tullio de Piscopo, Ricchi e Poveri, Al Bano, Riccardo Fogli, Annalisa Minetti and many others.
The designer stores in Piazza Luisa organise nightly events and shows, while the bars and restaurants attract people looking for a delightful evening in the company of others.

The Bar Bandiere at the Hotel Castello and the Bar Aqvatica on the seafront are two more popular places with our guests in the evenings at the Forte Village.

If you are looking, instead, for a place to party under the stunning Sardinian sky, then head for the Forte Fortissimo dance floor. The energy and enthusiasm of the crowd fill the night, accompanied by the incandescent rhythms of the latest sounds played by top DJs and live bands.


5 August: Riccardo Fogli

12 August: Ricchi e Poveri

On the music scene for fifty years, i Ricchi e Poveri are among the Italian artists with the highest number of records sold, more than twenty million worldwide. At the top of the Italian and international charts in the seventies and eighties, they participated in twelve editions of the Sanremo Festival, twice coming in second place and winning in 1985 with “Se m’innamoro”.




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