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AcquaForte Clinic

AcquaForte Clinic

A medical team working for your wellbeing

Forte Lab

The Forte Lab, with Dr. Angelo Cerina at the helm, is what makes Acquaforte Thalasso&SPA different from all other spas in the world. The Forte Lab is a state-of-the-art diagnostic centre that is essential for monitoring the state of health of guests and to ensure, thanks to very fast test results, a thorough medical assessment and a totally personalised recommendation for the best treatment and the level of all sports activities.

Diagnostic lab

The Forte Lab diagnostic laboratory is equipped with the most modern facilities, and with the help of a specialist medical team it can perform any kind of examination, providing a complete check-up in total peace of mind.

Cardiovascular check-up

Medical consultation with a specialist, with basic echocardiogram and, if necessary, during exercise, echocardiography and blood pressure measurement.

Performance test

Medical consultation with a specialist, with basic echocardiogram and during exercise, spirometry test, basal metabolism test, monitoring during rehabilitation or sports programmes, and final examination with assessment of results.

Body Reshape Test

Medical consultation with a specialist with body fat and water assessment, and careful examination of skin type.

Stress test

Medical consultation with a specialist with basic echocardiogram and during exercise.

Detox test

Medical consultation with a specialist with complete blood counts and white blood cell level analysis, blood glucose test, blood urea nitrogen test, liver function test, lipid profile, and abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scan.


Cold brings a wide set of benefits to the immune system, nervous system and to blood circulation, helping to fight muscle pain, arthrosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and also aging!

High-power laser therapy

No more back pain

This extraordinary synergy is a combination of the high-power laser therapy designed by Professor Pier Francesco Parra and the thalassotherapy of Acquaforte Thalasso&SPA. In 1988 Professor Parra, also known as Dr. Laser, developed an innovative laser therapy to treat muscle-tendon disorders, earning him the trust of patients from all over the world, including the most famous international athletes and the very best tennis players.

In collaboration with Acquaforte Thalasso&SPA, Professor Parra has devised an innovative therapy system that provides exceptional results in treating back pain caused by a number of pathologies that adversely affect the lives of a great many people.

The programme includes six high-power micro laser applications, divided into three sessions and paired with thalassotherapy treatment. Professor Parra personally examines Acquaforte Thalasso&SPA guests, and constantly keeps up to date on all the work of staff and the physiotherapy protocols.


From 9 July to 16 July 2021

From 10 August to 20 August 2021


High-power laser therapy


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